About ClinMicroNow

ClinMicroNow is a service from American Society for Microbiology Press, in partnership with Wiley, offering its gold standard clinical microbiology publications online for quick and easy access. 

The authoritative clinical microbiology sources, ASM's Manual of Clinical Microbiology (MCM), and Clinical Microbiology Procedures Handbook (CMPH), are used every day in laboratories around the world. Now MCM and CMPH, together with the classic text Cases in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, have merged online to create ClinMicroNow.

This all-encompassing, online resource helps save precious research time as users perform deep searches and get timely updates.

ClinMicroNow offers:

  • Quick and deep searches to find the complete range of pathogenic microbial organisms and related laboratory procedures.
  • Actionable and timely clinical microbiology content updated by peer-selected authors and editors as science advances and clinical practice changes.
  • Highly granular search that produces tables, figures, and cases, in addition to text.

ClinMicroNow is edited by a collaborative, international, and interdisciplinary board of editors who work diligently to ensure the publication of up-to-date, consensus-based information regarding infectious agents, diagnostic methods, laboratory practices, and safety guidelines.

Click here to view author and editor conflicts of interest statements by the editors and authors of The Manual of Clinical Microbiology.

This online resource is ideal for:

  • Laboratory directors and staff.
  • Clinicians working in pathology and infectious diseases.
  • Scientists studying pathogenic microbes.
  • Medical fellows and students.

ClinMicroNow is available to institutions and individuals (discount for ASM members) as an annual subscription. For more information, visit the ClinMicroNow product page. 


How often is ClinMicroNow updated?
ClinMicroNow authors and editors have committed to reviewing the content regularly and will start the update process whenever they deem it necessary as the science changes. 

How long does an update take?
Once it is determined a section needs an update, the time it takes depends on the scope of the update. ClinMicroNow maintains the high standards of ASM Press publications, which involves recruiting leaders of the field to write and update sections, followed by careful editorial review by the publication editors. 

Will updates appear in print?
Yes. ASM Press is continuing the regular printing of next editions of the publications in ClinMicroNow. When the press time for one of the books is near, the production team will take the most current version of the chapters for the print version. 

Can print versions of the ClinMicroNow publications be purchased?
Yes. The last print editions of MCM, CMPH, and Cases are available at the ASM Press Bookstore, along with the other publications from ASM Press. 

Can I access ClinMicroNow one time?
No, ClinMicroNow is a subscription product. 

How long does a subscription last?

Subscriptions are for one year.

What's the ASM member discount?
ASM Member price (excluding Supporting membership level) is $205; ASM Supporting Member price is $265

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